LGBTQ people are subject to numerous discriminatory harms in finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE) transactions. Frequently, this is because procedures and laws do not presently protect LGBTQ consumers from differential treatment by staff, from heightened documentation requirements, or lack of coverage for necessary services.

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If you have had an awful experience with a bank, insurer, or other financial services company as a result of your LGBTQ identity – you are not alone.

Sharing your story can help the Coalition advocate for and build more fair & equal financial services for our communities.

A Silent Harm?

The trouble is, regulators and advocates are hindered in their ability to pursue and remedy such harms against LGBTQ communities because these issues are frequently not raised as potential violations of federal and state laws.

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Consumer Complaint database – the largest database of complaints against financial institutions available – contains only a handful of reports of discrimination or harassment, for millions of American LGBTQ consumers.

Lack of reporting may be in part, though, because LGBTQ individuals are unsure whether regulators would take such reports seriously under presently worded non-discrimination statutes. As such, the resulting harms from financial institutions are well-known to queer consumers, but the harm is frequently silent to those outside the LGBTQ community.

The Coalition is seeking to break that silence.

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