The Coalition’s mission is to engage, or produce, the research data, capital funding, community partnerships, & coordinated advocacy needed to propose and commence operation of an LGBTQ-FCU prior to 2023.


The Coalition’s programs are focused in four key areas:

Research, Reporting, & Education

The Coalition is building the necessary research & reporting to close the Information Gap with regard to the economic well being of LGBTQ communities, their financial health, and their ability to access and make beneficial use of financial services & products.

Research & Reporting

Community Building & Events

The Coalition participates in and organizes events for LGBTQ consumers and businesses to educate them about current issues in financial services & to clarify what tools may be available to them. The Coalition also engages in community-building and fundraising events with Coalition organizational partners.

Upcoming & Past Events

Raising Organizing Capital & Equity

The Coalition seeks to raise $750,000 before July 2019 to sustain the partner organizing, research, reporting, and community education programs needed to successfully propose an LGBTQ-FCU. After successful LGBTQ-FCU proposal, the Coalition will start to engage donors to contribute to fund the capital expenses and equity requirements for the FCU.


Grants & Philanthropic Gifts

Launching an LGBTQ-FCU by 2023

The Coalition’s vision is to found the first nationwide LGBTQ Federal Credit Union (FCU) by 2023 offering fair & equal access to financial services, planning, and products specialized for the unique financial needs and concerns of LGBTQ consumers, and which can grow and sustain that businesses and organizations serving LGBTQ communities.

More About the LGBTQ-FCU

Want to join the movement for fair & equal LGBTQ financial services?


Individual consumers can join the fight for fair & equal financial services in three ways. First, by affirming their personal support for the creation of an LGBTQ-FCU and becoming a Coalition member. Second, they can donate one-time or monthly to support the Coalition’s organizing. Third, they can volunteer for the Coalition at events and help spread the word.





Leaders of nonprofits and businesses can show their support for the movement for LGBTQ financial services by engaging their organization in joining our Coalition. Partners join with the Coalition in creating educational or fundraising programs to raise awareness about LGBTQ financial issues and the need for fair & equal financial services. Organizations can sponsor our Coalition or events and receive, or donate in-kind support, and recieve recognition for their support.

Join With Us


If you are a foundation or philanthropic organization seeking to make a grant to support the initial costs for researching and organizing truly innovative  services which can improve the economic well-being of LGBTQ consumers and their allies, please check out our Organizing, Fundraising, and Equity info.


Looking for other ways to get involved?

We are happy to engage with a diverse array of community members who have ideas about to support our project. If you have an idea about a way you can help us out, or a way we can improve please feel free to let us know.

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