Research & Reporting

The Coalition is building the necessary research & reporting to close the Information Gap with regard to the economic well being of LGBTQ communities, their financial health, and their ability to access and make beneficial use of financial services & products.


The LGBTQ Wealth Gap

Whitepaper Reporting:

  • Sizing the LGBTQ Gap in Financial Services (Forthcoming)
  • Who Moved My Gay Bar? (Forthcoming)

How Our Ground-Breaking Reporting Gets Made

The Coalition is producing research and reporting which is piercing through the shroud of the LGBTQ Information Gap to shine a light on LGBTQ Wealth & Financial Service Gaps in the United States.

To ensure our research & reporting breaks through the limitations of current studies which have insufficiently probed the diverse experience of the LGBTQ community by examining the nuances of its constituent communities, the Coalition employs four steps in producing its reporting.

1. Design

Since current research findings over-represent certain segments of the LGBTQ community, and under-represent others, we are designing our research and surveys to shine a light on those problems which are currently unilluminated by current reporting.

2. Data & Story Collection

We collect data, survey results, and stories from publicly available sources, our partners, and from our Coalition community of LGBTQ consumers, businesses, and organizations. These varied sources provide a variety of qualitative and quantitative data for our reporting.

3. Synthesis

We use both quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the weight, credibility, and implications of the various–and often conflicted–reporting on the economic and financial well-being of LGBTQ consumers and businesses, to find inferences, deductions, re-evaluate a priori beliefs, and create new synthetic insights for our reporting.

4. Reporting

After employing careful design, data collection, and evaluation, we produce data-driven reporting and blogging which communicates our important findings about the financial well-being of LGBTQ consumers, businesses, and community groups in today’s marketplace.