Donate to the Coalition

Thank you for attending today’s Bay Area Open House & Community Advisory meeting hosted by the LGBTQ Credit Union Coalition.

Make your gift magic:

Make your contribution personally meaningful by celebrating our LGBTQ community and family with these magic numbers:

  • $49 for forty-nine years since the birth of the Queer Liberation Movement.
  • $85 for the eighty-five LGBTQ bars San Francisco has lost (in total) since 1970.
  • $1969 in remembrance of Stonewall.
  • Or make your own magic number & celebrate in your own way.

Why monthly?

Monthly donations of support help nonprofits plan for more than just their needs today, and instead focus on the needs of tomorrow.

Making your gift monthly will help us plan to meet monthly fundraising goals so the QLT and the Coalition can spend less time fundraising & more time giving back.