Donate to the Coalition

Support more fair & equal financial services for LGBTQ consumers and communities.

The Coalition’s groundbreaking reporting, education, and movement around LGBTQ financial equality–and our organizing work for an LGBTQ Federal Credit Union–is made possible through the support of community donors like you.

Donate to support our organizing, education, and research and help us create more fair & equal financial services for all.

Frequently asked donation questions:

Is my donation to the Coalition tax-deductible?
Your contribution to the Coalition’s organizing is tax-deductible, as a donation to our Fiscal Sponsor, the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
What fees or costs are paid when I donate by credit card?

If you donate using a credit card online, 2.9% + 30Ā¢ of your contribution is collected, prior to our receipt of funds, by Stripe for credit card processing fees.

If you donate in-person using a card-present POS terminal (i.e. your credit card is “swiped” or “dipped”), an additional 1% is collected by our card-present payment processor, Collect.

Why can I not Venmo the Coalition?
Unfortunately, the Venmo nonprofit program is in beta testing, and is currently unavailable to nonprofit organizations seeking charitable donations.

How is my donation used?

95% of your contribution is used to sustain the Coalition’s organizing for of an LGBTQ Federal Credit Union, such as our:

  • Organizing tools (e.g. our websites and online platforms) to coordinate our Coalition’s community of individual supporters, organizational partners, and volunteers.
  • Research & reporting tools (e.g. survey platforms and databases) to collect quantitative and qualitative data, and data visualization and analytical tools to process quantitative data.
  • Office tools and supplies (e.g. telephone service, internet, paper, ink, etc.).
  • Coalition events: Space, equipment, food and drink, and administrative or insurance fees.
  • Compensation for full-time and part-time organizers, temporary event staff, and consultants.

5% of your contribution is reserved for our 501(c)3 Fiscal Sponsor, The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, to cover their costs in providing administrative oversight to our Coalition and ensuring its compliance with all nonprofit legal requirements.

What will the Coalition do with any funds it has left once the LGBTQ FCU is started?
Our goal is to put ourselves out of a job. Any Coalition funds remaining at the time of the LGBTQ FCUs launch will be contributed to support the FCU’s capital expenses or equity–as a “succession” gift upon the Coalition’s dissolution. In the unlikely case that the LGBTQ FCU’s Subscribers and independent Board of Directors require the Coalition to maintain an organizing or support role, the Coalition’s grant of support will be lesser the amount required to sustain its operations as indicated by the LGBTQ FCU.