Meet the Team

Organizing Staff:

Spencer Watson
Organizing Director

Spencer is a May 2018 graduate of Berkeley Law, where his studies emphasized consumer financial protection, prudential regulation, lending discrimination, and civil rights.In 2017, Spencer interned at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Fair Lending, and at Consumer’s Union.Prior to law school, Spencer worked in various non-profit roles in the San Francisco Bay Area. Spencer worked as a counselor offering financial and credit education to clients experiencing financial or credit distress as a Housing & Credit Counselor. They were the first campaign coordinator and outreach strategist for the K12 ed-tech nonprofit EducationSuperHighway. There, they organized a nationwide campaign produced research and reporting which sized the gap for, increased awareness of the need for funding for, high speed K-12 internet, which was employed to successfully lobby for the creation of White House’s ConnectEd progam and an increase in federal funding through FCC’s E-Rate program.

Organizing Volunteers
Like You:

The LGBTQ Credit Union Coalition has been assisted in numerous ways by volunteers and advisers who have provided organizational resources, strategic resources, or even helped put in some the raw time and effort which organizing a new LGBTQ-FCU entails.

While we cannot name you all here, we thank you for your valued support and effort in making our fight for fair & equal financial services possible.

Have a skill, an idea, or time to contribute?


Our Board:

The LGBTQ Credit Union Coalition is a fiscally sponsored project of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and is subject to its Board of Directors and Executive Officers in its oversight with all relevant guidelines regarding nonprofit administration and compliance.

More About Fiscal Sponsorship
Fiscal sponsorship refers to the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups—typically projects—engaged in activities related to the sponsoring organization’s mission. It typically involves a fee-based contractual arrangement between a project and an established non-profit.

The LGBTQ Credit Union Coalition is currently forming its own independent Board of Directors for the purposes of incorporating and obtaining its own 501(c)3 status from the Internal Revenue Service. In forming its Board of Directors, the Coalition is engaging voluntary board members with skills and knowledge and/or personal experience with issues related to financial services, insurance, and real estate, anti-discrimination law and organizing practices, and LGBTQ communities.