About the Coalition:

The LGBTQ Credit Union Coalition is a nonprofit organization headquartered in the San Francisco, Bay Area.


The Coalition’s mission is to engage, or produce, the research, data, capital funding, community partnerships, & coordinated advocacy needed to propose and commence operation of an LGBTQ-FCU prior to the end of 2023.


The Coalition’s vision is to found the first nationwide LGBTQ Federal Credit Union (FCU) offering fair & equal access to financial services, planning, and products specialized for the unique financial needs and concerns of LGBTQ consumers, and which can grow and sustain the businesses and organizations serving LGBTQ communities.

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We are a team of organizers passionate about finance, civil rights, and creating economic justice and well-being our LGBTQ, and allied, communities locally and across the country.

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The Coalition is actualizing the vision of its members: individuals, nonprofits, and businesses who are interested in the creation an LGBTQ Federal Credit Union, which can offer fair & equal financial services to LGBTQ consumers and communities.

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